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Hi I was working part-time permanent in a clinic along with my colleague we shared a 1 FTE. She worked 19 hours. Part of my ccontract was for 21 hours permanent, however when my colleague decided to leave the management pulled me in and said either I go for the 1 full time position thy will post or other option is termination. The contract does state that they can terminate without any cause. They offered to pay my ESA pay of 2 weeks worth as I have been there for 2 years permanent and on contract prior. They offered me a severance in the following: Greetings Samira, I understand that you will not be applying to the Full-Time Chiropodist role with RCHC and that you are interested in the severance option. The Centre is offering an amount of $4,965.23 (before mandatory deductions), which represents six weeks of your regular wages. This amount is greater than your entitlement under the Employment Standards Act. In addition, the Centre offers to provide your Employer HOOPP contribution for those six weeks, an amount of $431.70. Your Health and Dental coverage continues for the six weeks as well, and you may wish to opt out of your LTD coverage deductions for that time period. Should you decide to move forward with this option, the Centre will provide you with a release waiver to sign listing the above entitlements. Please take time to review this offer and seek legal counsel. Please provide a response to your acceptance decision of the above offer by Thursday April 25th. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best, Liberty My question is this a fair offer?
Yesterday I got terminated, but they wouldn’t tell me the reason why. Which shocked the hell out of everyone because I didn’t miss a day, worked almost 60 hours a week when only 40 was mandatory and did enough work for 3 people. I knew my boss wasn’t a huge fan of me, I knew this because I heard her talking in the office when I was in the hall way actually trying to think of a way to fire me. And was asking the other supervisor well should I just do it? And his response was “look at all the overtime she does!” Shrugging that off, not sure if this is a coincidence but they gave us emergency contact paper and asked for illness/disability and I have epilepsy. Just so happen the next day was the day I was terminated. But the other thing is, me and a back up lead hand got into it that day too. Because I went for my last break at 2:30 when it’s entitled at 2 and I didn’t inform him I was leaving for 10 minutes even though he was not my lead hand that day. He then came blazing at me, screaming, and just saying just plain rude thing (at this time I didn’t even have to be there still, everyone else had left already and I stayed behind to help clean up so it was just me, the back up lead and 2 other employees) and he just wouldn’t stop screaming so I just said apparently you don’t need my help that bad I’m heading home. As I gather my lunch and wash my boots off the lead hand is still yelling at me and it may have frustrated me to the point where I mumbles fucking idiot under my breath and someone apparently heard me. And another lead that’s there asked why I was fired and that’s the reason they told him. Who obviously told me after because I mumbled idiot. But yet a couple months earlier an employee actually told another employee that they were going to hang me by a hose and watch me choke. Which got brought into the office and absolutely nothing got done about it. It seems like they were just trying to pick any reason just to fire me for no reason at all just because the very new manager just wasn’t a fan of me. The did give me a pay of lieu for just a week but is there any other legal action I can take? I feel this is very unfair especially when I worked so hard to get where I was.
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