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After speaking with an intake person at your company, it was suggested I reach out here to get some advice. As my husband is still employed by this company, I need to be as discreet and as vague as possible. They have a long reach. In the fall of 2016, he met with the transportation manager of a construction company regarding employment. At that time, he was told it would be spring when they hire and that all drivers take their construction vehicles (dump trucks / half tonne trucks) home because “they pay so cheap”. In May of 2017 he was hired on as a dump truck driver with a start date in June. After his 3-month probation he approached the transportation manager (whom was a new one) regarding taking the truck home. Was told he would never take the truck home and in fact all trucks, including ½ tonnes, would be parking in the yard within the next 1-2 years. He said that even he drives his own vehicle…. fast forward and that manager now has a company ½ tonne and fuels his truck in the yard. He has been driving his personal vehicle to and from work every day, incurring the costs of fuel, insurance, repairs, and payments himself. All the while there are many who take their dump trucks home each day and fuel them in the yard, therefore, saving all the money he has been spending. Two and half years ago he was asked if on his way into work (in his personal vehicle) if he would stop at one yard location and pick up paperwork for the location he worked from. He was told that the time it took was to be added to his daily logbook and would be paid for it. On June 6th of this year, while driving his personal vehicle to pick up the company paperwork, he hit a deer. He was told he could drive the dump truck until he got his vehicle back on the road. It was taken to a local repair shop for estimate. This estimate is well above what we can afford and therefore, his vehicle has been flat decked to our home, where it sits. At work he said, ‘someone needs to pay for my repairs as I was on company time.’ He was subsequently told that would never happen. He is also no longer picking up the company paperwork. So, not only is his personal vehicle off the road, but he has spent thousands over the years on fuel, insurance, repairs and payments, yet there are still drivers taking the company trucks home and fueling in the yard, resulting in more money in their pockets than in his. He also feels it will be a matter of time before they say he must park the work vehicle in the yard once again. Would this be considered discrimination, inequality in the workplace, or at the very least Utterly Unethical?
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