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Hi good morning, 3 weeks I applied for a religious exemption from having to take the covid 19 vaccines. I got a reply this morning from my workplace HR dept asking for a letter from my religious leader. In my request letter I mentioned that I spoke to the leaders of Toronto as well as Ottawa temples (only 1 temple in each city)and they both stated that due to the politicization and the divisiveness of the covid 19 vaccines in families, relationships, communities etc., the temples/faith is not taking a position either for or against taking of the covid 19 vaccines. The reason highlighted in my request letter to my employer for not wanting to take the vaccine is, one of the principles of my faith which I have followed religiously for 27 yrs is a strict vegetarian diet as we do not support the killings of innocent animals and the covid 19 vaccines are either formulated with and or tested on fetal cell tissues that originated from aborted human fetuses. Also, its unclear if the vaccines contains animal byproducts. I find myself in a very demoralizing and frustrating position as both leaders are not interested in writing a letter for or against taking the covid 19 vaccines. The new leader of Ottawa temple does not know me as its been many years since I've been there and until recently, I havn't spoken to Toronto leader since mid 80's when I used to live there. Sir Madam, how do you suggest I proceed with my request for a religious exemption? Is it essential that I have to get a leader to validate my religious convictions to my employer? Along with my request letter to HR were many links to various sites to support my claims including one that varifies the regulative principles of my faith.
I am looking for information on a possible constructive dismissal case. I feel as though I was bullied into quitting. I was discriminated against due to ongoing personal health issues. To reiterate, I was working for a company called Unbuilders. In July I started having some health issues and immediately kept the company informed. In August, Unbuilders decided to transfer me to their sister Company (Heritage Lumber) to what seemed like a more accommodating position for what I was dealing with. I had a few personal issues that happened that were out of my control. A few examples are: A drunk driver crashed into my parked truck, which then became a total write off due to the extensive damage, one of my best friends passed and the same day found out my uncle was in the hospital. Within 2 months, I received word that my uncle also passed. This was all brought to the company as approved time off. My Supervisor at this point did voice concerns that he was "upset" that I was taking time off to deal with ICBC and rentals to be able to get to work. On November 12, I felt ill and requested the day off. I returned to work on November 15, however, was told to go home and get a COVID test done as the company required negative test results prior to returning to work. On November 16, I received my negative results and immediately sent the results to my Supervisor Brent. I also told him at that point I was still was not feeling 100%. I advised that I needed more time off so that I could go and see my doctor, who requested to have some blood work, as I was getting a biopsy that was to happen the following week. Again, my company was aware of this. When I returned to work on Thursday, November 18, on that morning, my supervisor took me into a private area to have a talk. There was no other management or any other staff preset during this time, which made me uncomfortable. He began the conversation stating that he nor the owner thought I was committed to the company. He stated it was because I had missed days, which they were aware of ahead of time, and most of which was out of my control. He was demeaning, ignorant and rude while speaking with me. He proceeded to tell me the only reason I still had a job was because of him. Adam, the owner of the company, wanted to fire me. After this conversation, I felt unappreciated, bullied, and so uncomfortable to the point that I walked out and decided that I could no longer work for that company. I fully disclosed my health issues and they had no prior issues with it and nothing was said to me when the days off were requested. After leaving, I did send a strong worded email to the owner as to my actions, and why I felt as though I was no longer able to work for them anymore. I described how uncomfortable I was and how I was astonished at how underappreciated I was to this company, even though they were fully aware of my medical conditions. The owner of the company did respond, in writing, and advised that they were already considering demoting me to part-time. Despite knowing about my medical conditions, and how detrimental going part-time would have been as I would no longer have any benefits, and would have had to pay for all my prescriptions out of pocket. Knowing this put me into more of a depression, causing me to revisit my doctor, only to be prescribed anxiety medication. As you can see, there is a lot of wrong doing, which I have in writing for the most part. Please let me know how I should proceed.
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