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I just wanted to say I am very familiar with your law firm as I have watched most of the programs on tv for the last year or so. I have a lot respect for your main firm and main partners. Now as I write this I was a little surprised that I was told that there would be a inital cost of $300.00 to talk to one of your lawyers, but I was surprised to here this as this is the first time I have ever been told there would be an up front cost to talk to a lawyer and frankly a little disappointed. I have been employed with this company for almost 18yrs and for at least 15hrs was hired a licensed Life insurance agent to verify insurance products. I have also sold products through this company in addition to verifying insurance products. I am not going to go into details or the notes I have kept but if this is something I can get help on I would pursue it further. Started in 2003, suffered a Stroke towards middle of Feb. 2021 and have not been working since. My doctor did provide a letter to my employer that I would be off until June 21st and as of this week the doctor has extended this to Sept. 27th, 2021 again due to medical reasons. Not sure what the future holds for me but I have not quit this job. I am also needing answers to a potential of going on a CPP disability at some point and how would this affect any options for say a forced termination and ie any severance I might qualify for. I will be turning 60 in the fall and again everything is confidental here and I thought I would reach out to you.
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