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1.) While Working for a company in Alberta, I developed stress induced psychosis after being sexually assaulted by a coworker offsite who was a shop steward member of a union. They tried to refer me to a psychologist who had already lost his license due to molesting one of his clients. I was on long term disability for a year getting about $2000 a month. I eventually quit for the same “medical reason” that had occurred. Was the $2000 month long term disability all that I was entitled to? 2.) I was rejected for a job with the Communications Security Establishment Canada. Part of the interview process involved an almost 4 hour interview that asked very personal invasive questions like what category of porn I watch or if I engage with sex workers, and why I got fired from one of my previous jobs. How many violations did they cross and what do I do if I cannot get them to delete my personal data PAST the threshold they initially stated which was 2 years and later corrected to 5 years due to an unrelated litigation hold with the Majesty? 3.) What violations are being committed when a company lets me go for a highway traffic violation but was really for limping and being injured from a previous job I just left? If a company can fire someone for any or no reason, is this indefensible? 4.) How long is a company supposed to keep a copy of a workplace injury if they have it on videotape? I was told by my supervisor that they do not keep footage longer than 3 months. Isn’t that illegal if they knew the person was injured, reported it to them and the WSIB and the WSIB didn’t investigate when asked to retrieve the footage? 5.) How much does the Non economic loss benefit supposed to pay out if someone develops a psychotic episode while working which later becomes a factor in them trying to obtain employment later? Ex: Someone develops Stress induced psychosis after being sexually assaulted at one job, later applies to the military and is rejected due to the medical condition they developed as a result of the incident at the other job? 6.) How much severance pay is someone entitled to if they worked at a company for 14 months and worked 40 hours a week on average? 7.) How would lawyers prove when an employer conspires, applies pressure tactics, cyber stalks, gang stalks, or discriminates against for hiring practices if a candidate is injured or “not liked”? Or fires someone based on using social media/dating websites for deceptive practices? 8.) What can I do if the office of the worker adviser refuses to handle my case because they think I cannot win due to not being able to afford treatment? 9.) How can the law change for people that get injured days before starting a new job? Why are they being punished for not wanting to lose the opportunity for a new job? If I leave my job to start a new one and this was decided months and months before, why does the WSIB say I voluntarily resigned when I simply got a better opportunity and don’t want to work where the company in question does not make an effort to keep the footage of REPORTED WORKPLACE INJURIES? Is this an employment standards issue or a Federal employment standards issue since the company is from the airport?
I have been experiencing discrimination related to my age (63 years) and retaliation from the director and supervisor of client services, which I believe violate our workplace harassment policy. The stress caused by their actions has led to my hospitalization. Currently, as directed by my physician, I am undergoing treatment with new medications to address blood pressure concerns stemming from high levels of work-related stress, and I am on short-term disability leave. This situation is not isolated, as I have observed similar dismissals of colleagues approaching retirement with no legitimate basis. I am deeply concerned about the trajectory my director is leading in attempting to terminate my employment without merit, especially considering I am not far from retirement. It’s worth noting that my work record is exemplary since starting here in 2011, and I consistently rank among the top performers in my department. Recently, my director summoned me to a last-minute meeting and placed me on an unofficial performance plan after I sought clarification on certain work-related tasks from my supervisor. I have just completed my performance review and was met with praise and a raise, this meeting and its discussion was highly unexpected. Additionally, I have been threatened with termination for voicing my concerns, and I received a lengthy email outlining actions I must take to avoid termination. This pattern of behaviour from my director dates back to 2018, and I am not the only colleague who feels targeted in this manner. Given the severity of the situation and the potential legal implications, I am reaching out to you to discuss my options moving forward. I believe I have been subjected to unfair treatment and wish to explore avenues for legal recourse. I am seeking guidance on how to best protect my rights and address the discrimination and retaliation I have experienced. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this matter further with you at your earliest convenience.
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