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Good afternoon, I write to you from Wasaga Beach Ontario. I am a mother of 2 and step mom to another 2. My boyfriend is a career firefighter I am a psw working LTC and palliative care for 10 years. I work for Sunset Manor in Collingwood Ontario. It is a Simcoe County run long term care home. As of Nov 1st I am laid off without pay or access to EI due to my choice to not comply with vaccine mandate. I stepped up and spoke for many workers in my home who are pro choice and was immediately put on a “ paid mental leave”. I was contacted my boss and a union rep who stated someone in the nursing home reported erractic behaviour and I was forced off Sept 29th without proof of this erractic behaviour. Yesterday was my pay day. I did not receive anything. I have made numerous calls and been told to contact so and so and wait to hear back. I have had 2 bill payments bounce and ‘now’ feel I am mentally strained. I was stressed before losing my job but Oct was the last month for me to work my butt off before being laid off. My union stated yesterday finally that I was seen crying on night shift and this is apparently erratic behaviour. I used my work email to email staff in regards to my meeting for support and apparently you are not allowed to send work emails to fellow workers in regards to work issues. I have never signed to this. I am being railroaded. And I have no way to pay my mortgage as of right now. My work has created my stress now and taken away financial opportunities in my last days to make that money. Do I have any options here? What can I do? I will be on an unpaid leave until they terminate me if I don’t comply within 9 months. Is this legal? Union says don’t grieve it because we won’t back you. I am so heartbroken and so defeated. How do I get paid when they forced me onto a paid mental leave bit refuse to pay me or return emails or calls. In order to return to work I had to have my doctor say I was mentally stable. This is insulting. I had no opportunity to defend myself and lost a whole months wages because of these accusations. I have now been denied the paid time off and can’t feed my family. Please advise. I am desperate for direction. Thank You Stephanie Beedham
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