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I am a truck driver in Chilliwack and I do not leave the province. I have been under stress since November. In May my stress level increased (we also got a new manager). I expressed my concern about the stress level multiple times to the manager and was always told don't worry it will be fine. On Friday June 4 I got paid and my check was short a week pay. I asked the manager why that was and he kept telling me that I didn't hand my paperwork in on time even though I did. The only solution they could give me was to etransfer me 1000 and tell me that it would be rectified next payday. This even more increased my stress. On Monday June 7 I made a vague post on Facebook about my situation asking friends for help. Never naming the company or any person. That same day the manager came up to me and told me I couldn't drive anymore and had to take time off until my doctor gave me a note saying I could drive again. There were also other things he said like 'that post can hurt the company' and 'someone is going to call icbc and have your license taken away' (I have that conversation recorded). I did not agree to having time off. Later that day I received a text message from him stating they feel it's best I take time off and I can't come back till my doctor says so. I asked if it was paid or unpaid leave and he never responded. Later that evening he sent me an email saying I couldn't come back to work till I got a Fit to work certificate from my doctor. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow but I am not sure what to do and my stress level has increased even more since now I have no money coming in. What should my next step be in this? I need to protect myself.
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