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The issue I'm having is with my employer. I've been constantly bullied, gaslighted and manipulated by my direct manager. I've also been requested to provide my manager regarding my illness in full detail, which, I believe they cannot legally ask. They requested to know my blood work result as well as my full symptoms and how it affects my performance at work. I work in retail by the way. The manager belittles me and patronizes me by saying I am moody and forgetful because of my illness. If my illness keeps getting in the way of me performing, they will need to let me go or demote me. I felt threatened to lose my job. The manager would shush me, make me feel useless and idiotic. She also mentioned that if I'm not happy at work, I need to leave as she has so many people lined up to get my position. She has no problem replacing me, so if I'm not happy, I should leave. Long story short, I handed in my resignation letter and she accepted it. However, the next morning, She told me that her boss wasn't happy with my letter, and that I must rewrite it. She told me to word it differently and cut some parts out. I said I won't rewrite it because I don't have to, but she insisted that I do it to make her life easier. I didn't rewrite it in the end. But now she is being very nice to me all of sudden. To the point it kind of scares me. I would like to know if I end up sueing the company, do I have a good chance of winning? If not, would I be able to not go to work and receive severance pay? Manager gave me so much anxiety that I have Lorazepam from a doctor to help with my anxiety. Thank you
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