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I used to work in a business for 2 years. In last September(2018) I planned a vacation for December. I told my employer at the beginning of October that I will be gone dec 11th till jan 13. 5 days before I go one of my coworkers has a personal business emergency and has to leave the country. 2 days after, my other coworkers mother passed away and he has to leave too. Then I leave 3 days after on vacation. When I come back my boss says that they are letting me go. The reason first was that they didn't know if I was serious or joking.. which I said you knew I wasn't I told everyone, I gave you dates.. the second reason after this one didn't work, my vacation was bad timing and it put a lot of stress on them because they were short staffed. Which is not my fault, I told them I was leaving 2 months before hand. And it's not my responsibility to cancel my plans because they dont want to hire more staff(we were short on staff before as well). Anyways, they paid me my vaca pay while I was away. I was wondering if I can get a severance pay because I still dont have a written notice from them after a week. And I'm not working and I need money till I find a job. I dont know if my vaca constitutes as just cause or not. Other employees that came after me and that I trained all went on 1 month or 3 week vacations, with excuses of sick family or emergency when we all clearly knew it was bs. And I never went on vacation in my 2 years there. Once or twice I got someone to cover my shift for 1 shift to go to Whistler or camping.
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