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I have been an employee with a company for 29 years. As a forestry consulting firm, temporary layoffs are a regular occurrence, although mine is currently close to 20 weeks long. Over the past year, the company has drastically altered my job as a project manager. I received my T4 slip for 2020, and it shows a very large decrease in my earnings for the year as a result of this past year's changes to my position as a project manager for the previous 15 years (on these contracts alone. I had previously managed other projects for the company.). By a large decrease, I'm referring to a drop from more than $75,000.00 in 2019 to less than $40,000.00 in 2020! To me, that represents a massive change, not to mention that it was without my knowledge or consent. I know for certain (based on the prework conference with the client prior to the start of field season) that the annual budget for 2020 was the same as the previous year(s) of this contract. I also know that assignments (every one of which came across my desk for the past 15 years) were diverted and withheld from me, thus literally taking work away from me that has solely been done by my work partner or myself since 2005, when I began managing the contract(s). I have also seen mapping that demonstrates a significant amount of work was done in my existing project areas, although not by my work partner or myself, as had always been required under this contract. In addition, I was isolated from my contract administrator and clients in the Kootenay Lake Business area, wherein more than 50% of the annual budget had been allocated, and I was also removed from all budget involvement, crew assignments, training, quality control, scheduling, field and office reviews with the client(s), and all planning, field and office work attributed to the Kootenay Lake assignments. All of these facets that I was excluded from were regular parts of my existing position as project manager. The company even went so far as to withhold in-house services required to complete existing assignments (and are still doing so). In my limited understanding of Employment Law, it would occur to me that these actions were a blatant and malevolent attack on my job position and the very earning of my living. Do these concrete actions by my employers not constitute a solid and irrefutable case of violation of my employment rights?
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