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TerminationQuestions.com was created by Samfiru Tumarkin LLP. Our firm has been built around Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta’s best labour and employment lawyers. We deal with workplace disputes throughout Ontario, BC and Alberta, including wrongful dismissal, severance pay negotiations, termination without causeconstructive dismissal, employment contracts, workplace discrimination and harassment, human rights violations, stress leave Ontarioindependent contractor misclassification, termination for cause, temporary layoffs and more. We represent both employees and employers throughout both provinces and help them understand their rights and obligations in the workplace.

We strongly believe in access to justice. Basic legal information regarding workplace issues and disputes should be easy to access. That is the reason that this website was created.

Whether you need a Toronto employment lawyer, Ottawa employment lawyerVancouver employment lawyer or Calgary employment lawyer, our compassionate team at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP is ready to empower you, fight for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

Consultations for Terminations

Whether you were let go from your job without cause or terminated for cause, you deserve to know your rights and how much severance pay you may be owed.

Samfiru Tumarkin LLP offers consultations to individuals who have been let go, or are experiencing issues with their employer. Before you accept the termination or sign off on a severance package, contact our firm to get answers and full compensation.

Severance Pay Calculator

Our group is headed by one of the top labour and employment lawyers in the country, Lior Samfiru. Lior is the creator of the unique Severance Pay Calculator which has been successfully used by over 1,000,000 people and companies to discover what employees are entitled to when they lose their jobs.

The calculator can determine the amount of compensation you are owed when looking at severance pay in Ontario, severance pay in B.C. and severance pay in Alberta.

Pocket Employment Lawyer

He also launched PocketEmploymentLawyer.ca – Canada’s first interactive resource designed to give the public a full understanding of what their options are when various employment issues occur.

Employment Law Show

Lior hosts the Employment Law Show, a weekly TV show on Global TV and CTV that can be seen across Ontario, BC and Alberta that discusses the workplace rights that most people weren’t even aware of!

The Employment Law Show also airs live on radio stations in both provinces, where our employment lawyers take calls from listeners. The show can be heard on the following stations:

  • Newstalk 1010 and 640 Toronto
  • 900 CHML in Hamilton & 980 CFPL in London
  • Newstalk 580 CFRA in Ottawa
  • QR Calgary and 630 CHED in Edmonton
  • 980 CKNW in Vancouver

The Firm also hosts Ask a Lawyer, every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m., on CP24 in Toronto.

To reach Lior Samfiru, please call toll free 1-855-821-5900 or email Lior at help@employmentlawyer.ca

Areas our employment lawyers serve in Ontario

While our Ontario employment lawyers work primarily out of our Toronto and Ottawa offices, we are able to provide our services to individuals who live and/or work throughout the province. We constantly represent clients in various locations across Ontario. Here are some of the major areas we serve:

Areas our employment lawyers serve in British Columbia

Our Vancouver employment lawyers provide exceptional service to individuals across B.C. Call us today to find out how our B.C. employment lawyers can get you the advice you need, and the compensation you deserve.

Areas our employment lawyers serve in Alberta

Our Calgary employment lawyers and employment lawyers for Edmonton provide exceptional service to individuals across Alberta. Call us today to find out how our employment lawyers for Alberta can get you the advice you need, and the compensation you deserve.

Disability Lawyers for Canada

Has your long term disability claim been denied? Samfiru Tumarkin LLP also airs the Disability Law Show on TV and radio, and can help individuals in all Canadian provinces (excluding Quebec). Hosted by disability lawyer Sivan Tumarkin, the program explores your rights when your LTD claim has been cut off or denied and how to fight back against the insurance company when it happens.

Find out more about the regions we can assist in: Alberta • British Columbia • Manitoba • New Brunswick • Newfoundland & Labrador • Nova ScotiaOntarioPEISaskatchewan

Additional insurance matters

Our insurance lawyers are also proficient at reversing life insurance, mortgage insurance and critical illness insurance denials. Insurance companies often reject legitimate claims without proper justification. Learn what your rights are through a FREE consultation with our experienced team.



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