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I work in accounts receivables for past 5 years and doing great work. New cfo moves in and changes a few positions. In a day notice they advise me that I am no longer accounts receivables but will be in cash disbursements and other tasks. They had to scrooge to find tasks as this was a new position. I fought to keep my receivables but they hired someone else to do this job among other duties which they say I did not have the skill set for as the reason why they didn't ask me. I took on the position being trained for a position l did not like and the co-worker who trained me was Asian. We had a language barrier and she was not patient with me. They put me on a PIP program (improvement program and set a date of 90 days to show I as able to do the job without errors otherwise I could be terminated. The day arrived and I have been terminated without cause with 5 weeks in lieu. 5.22 weeks of secverance and they will give me an extra 2 weeks if I sign a release fm not to pursue During the 90 day period there were many situations where the mistakes that were done by me was due to not being shown a situation if something technical was not done with the accounting software. And other issues to but I think you will tell me it does not matter on the issues as they paid me out correctly and nothing I can do as they do not need a reason or explanation. Should I sign the release and was it ok for them to force me to take on this new position and not giving me proper training to my point of view but they say they did Is there anything else I can get out of them I was there for 1 year contact and 5 years perm Thank you Barb
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