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12 yrs. employed by golf & country course. 6 months/yr. $13500. dollar, salaried position as gardener/landscaper. Female, 58 yrs. old. Twenty yrs. skilled experience in the field. My boss, superintendent of turf dept. informed me my budget expenditures were over $1800 dollars. As a result, due to the fact she has no more money in her budget to cover additional expenditures, maybe I could just not finish my 6 months, leave Oct 1st instead of Oct 30th, as I have done over the years. Would it be an option for me. I stated it would NOT be an option for me! She informed me, she would have to lay-off another staff member as a result. She stated, I was to choose a staff member for her. I refused. She stated, I could go on IE benefits. I could still come to work, I just would not get paid. I stated, by accepting an early lay off, would essentially wipe-out my entire 6 mos. of accumulated hours to qualify for IE. I would be 2-3 wks. short hours to qualify. I made it clear this was not an option for me. She stated, she would have to lay-off another staff member as a result and I was choose someone. I refused. The conversation ended. Nothing was resolved. I left her office. My concern. She may proceed to lay me off come October 1st, the cause being over the budget. Over budget, which has happened in prior yrs. never an issue before now. I rely on IE benefits over the winter months. It would be the first time in 20yrs. my qualilfying hrs. would be short, thus, I would have to apply as a new applicant next year, qualifying hrs. be 900 hrs. My 6 months qualifying hrs. are 702 hrs. I would never reach the 900 hrs to every qualify again in the future. I can protect myself?
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