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I have worked as a manager in a unionized organization for 14 years in September. I had an exemplary career until three years ago. My supervisor left five years ago and another replaced them. The position I hold is extremely stressful but I know the people I work with value my contribution. My immediate supervisor does not like me for reasons which were given to me in a meeting approximately 16 months ago. The meeting was called with Labour Relations. The meeting was unprofessional and it was very obvious to those in attendance that the reasons for the meeting were personal. No proof was provided for the accusations and had i not requested a support person which they objected to I would have been intimidated. I was told I have the choice of one years severance or a performance improvement plan. I chose the plan. Two weeks later I fell at work in the main reception an broke a bone in my foot. I attempted to work however I could not walk. My supervisor requested video surveillance on my claim. I have that request. My attendance prior to this had always been without question. I returned to work after a number of weeks. However a stressful situation was made even more stressful by the demands of the PIP. I had my blood pressure checked an was informed I had situational high blood pressure. After a particulary nasty email from my supervisor I stayed late in order to complete everything on my desk. Informed my supervisor that I had received her email. Went home and immediately went on stress leave. I made and appointment with Labour Relations to complain about the toxicity in the office and met with them soon after. I was cleared to return 26th June on a work accommodation. I was informed by Labour Relations I could not return until a meeting was set up. It was set up for the beginning of July. At the meeting I was informed that I had to work from home until my supervisor returned from vacation, work on special projects and the person hired in my absence would be doing my job. i was not to contact the people who worked with me an any enquiries via email or text to be referred to the person hired to cover my absence. I was verbally told I would be going back but as soon as my accommodation was completed I would return to the PIP. There would be five weeks remaining on the PIP but I was unlikely to be successful an it was alluded to that the package may still be available. It should also be noted that I am 66 years old in September and I actually do HR for a living. In my opinion there is grounds for constructive dismissal. What is your opinion.
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