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Terminated “for saying I wanted to leave for another opportunity” up to five times. The opportunity was within the company or so I thought. I had a job title and role dangled in front of me for months to find out it doesn’t exist and now that I made the store through the Christmas season I am being terminated. I was previously asked by my employer for a letter of resignation in order to go into that position but I felt that was strange and would leave me open to being let go. I previously worked for the company 2006-2012 with a brief hiatus to go back from April 2013 until today Jan 2018. I have never received any form of progressive discipline over any of these years, have made constant improvements and increases in every store I’ve been placed in. I was terminated clearly without cause and was offered six weeks of pay as a termination package. I feel I won’t be able to find a job of the same nature at that rate of pay right now in the economy and feel six weeks is not enough.


Unfortunately, an employer may terminate you at any time without even having to provide a reason why, as long as you are paid your severance entitlements. It could very well be the case that you are owed more severance, however, a lawyer would need to review your matter further to determine any severance entitlements you may have. I recommend that you contact our office to schedule a consult with one of our lawyers to review your termination package.
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