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Hi there I was terminated today only been with company for one month now ,I had a problem with one of my co-workers headed agrument,but reason for my termination was he said to me you don't want to fuck with me ,I said do u want to go outside then I was asked to go home last nite then terminated today.also I hurt my hand on Monday they put a band aid on it and said go back to work ,no form was filled out until the following day when they told me to come in they would get me doing something light duty ,I explained I haven't had any sleep because of pain ,they said still come in which I did because of fear of my there anything that can be done .

If your employer forced you to work while injured, this may constitute a human rights violation. Further, if they terminated your employment, they owe you severance pay unless they can establish just cause for termination. Whether they have just cause to terminate your employment will depend on the nature of and your involvement in this verbal dispute.
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