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11 years employed. Last 4 years Manager. Only management position in company besides owner. Owner has debilitating disiease so about 1.5 years ago i was asked if i would take over the business so he could semi-retire in 2018. Over the last year because of the access to records and finances of said business, issues that were alarming to me both from a legal standpoint and also just overall poor business choices came to light. I approached the owner with my concerns. I was told none of my concern or business. A new secretary was hired just under 2yrs ago. The relationship between her and he became unproffessional quite quickly and was a major cause of concern to me. It came to my attention that she was using company funds ie: gas card unauthorized. Ordering personal items through company credit card and such. Earasing emails of complaints from clients about her and such.
Where i am at this point is that on Tuesday Feb 6th 2018 i was contacted via TEXT that it would be detrimental for me to attend work the next day as he had some issues to resolve. On wednesday feb7 at approx 1pm i began receiving messages that the owner had made an announcement to the employees that he would be "letting me go". He DID NOT INFORM ME OR CONTACT ME UNTIL 5PM. At which time he told me he wanted to severe our relationship. He then told me he had to call THE LABOURBOARD to find out what to do. I up to today never received any type of written notice. I received a Text yesterday Feb12 monday outlining his calculation of what monies he is oweing me. I have not been to work since Last Wed and he has told me we will meet on Wednesday feb 14 in order for me to receive my documents and pay. Please advise. I need money. I would fight him tooth and nail but financially i am desperate.

My name is Lumi Pungea and I am an employment lawyer. You have extensive entitlements and you may be owed up to 12 months of pay in lieu of notice so please call me at 416-216-5906 to discuss the matter further. Ideally we should connect before the February 14th meeting.
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