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Hello I have been working for a town in Ab, for 10 years more , when I stated I sign a contract and need to understand that section ( Other Terms and Condition) You agree that the town of …has the right to enact or invoke policies and procedures governing its employees and you agree to be bound by all such policies and procedures excerpt where they specifically contradict the terms of this offer letter .All policies are available in entirety on intranet site. The town reserves the right to amend the Personnel Policies from time to time .Please note that if there is a conflict between the terms and conditions outlined in this offer of employment and the policies and procedures attached , the term and conditions outlined in the offer of employment will govern. And next section ( Invalid or Unenforceable) If any term or Condition is determined to be invalid or unenforceable to any extent, the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected thereby , and each of the remaining terms and conditions shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law .
So in December 2021 they add the new policies for mandate vaccination for Covid -19 , then I was not feeling good since August 2021
after catching covid ( delta) , so begining of December 2021 when on long term disability, long covid / anxiety / depression. So my question is ..I am slowly getting better and think that after Christmas I should slowly try to get back to work with least hours and slowly increase if things go better for me ,
But they still have the mandatory vaccine policy in place , so if I don’t want to have the vaccination they will not allow me to go back on work site since I sign a contract offer letter 10 years ago , that vaccination mandate policy was not part of the deal there something I can do if they let me go , because I refuse the vaccination..even if it is not under the Alberta they have the right at this moment to still force
Me..or loos my job ..
Thanks sorry for the long question ..
Have a good gay ..

Since getting vaccinated against COVID-19 was not a term of your employment when you first commenced employment with the company, you may have grounds for a constructive dismissal claim. Please contact us at the number below to schedule a consult.
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