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I have been working for a company just over 3 months was of sick for 3 days returned worked a full day. Next day I walked into the office unable to open my emails received a phone call from my office phone from my manager there and then terminated my contract with other employee present I did ask if this was due to me being off sick and manager says it was nothing to do with my sickness absence it's was because over to much pto when I asked why my manager why I had marked me as PTO instead of sickness My manager says your not a good fit. I work in sales I definitely was over performing my duties I also have emailed my manager many times regarding commission and I have retained new customers for the company. Unfortunately I still haven't received any commission. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your question. Even as a 3 month employee,you could be owed severance as well as additional amounts if indeed you were terminated because of your sickness. Please give us a call at the number below to discuss your situation in more detail. We would be happy to help as best we can.
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