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Hello, I have been working for the same company for 25+. When COVID happened I was told to stay home for 2 to 3 months. I was called back to work last Monday and was told to only work for 4 days a week. When I returned to work I found out that the other employees (all men that I trained and taught the job)were working and had been working the whole 3 months I was at home. I am an ironworker (non-unionized) and had to fix the mistakes that those men had made while I was gone. My wife contacted an ironworkers union and they accepted me and sent me to work right away. I can't tell you how happy I am here and have only been here 2 days. I cannot return to work for a company that has taken complete advantage of me all these years and I have always been loyal to them and my job. Do I have to give him notice that I'm leaving. These have been my working conditions for the last 25+ years:

Winter - Heat in shop is turned off and I am expected to stay warm with a wood burning stove set up in the shop. Numerous times employees have thrown oil cans in it to burn.

Summer - No a/c (didn't mind that).

No lunch room. I have to eat my lunch on the bench where I work covered in iron dust.

Water in the urinals have been turned off because my boss says we waste too much water.

Where I can wash my hands is such a tight area that distancing cannot be respected.

I asked for toilet paper and was told to bring it from home.

I came to this country from Italy almost 30 years ago and since then have married raised 3 daughters and became a Canadian Citizen. I have always had respect and have always done my job to the best of my ability and knowledge. I am hurt and just want what is due to me. There is so much more that I have endured but this is the most recent. I appreciate your help with this matter. I just want to know what my rights are.

My english is not the best so I asked my wife to send this email to you. You have my permission to speak with her. Her name is Maria.

The company may not have had the right to temporarily lay you off, and it may amount to constructive dismissal under the common law. I would like to speak with you to discuss your specific circumstances, and will have my intake department to set up a call for us. Maria is welcome to be on the call as well.
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