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I have worked for York Radiology consultants as a ultrasound technologist for 4 years. My employer asked me to stay with company during Covid 19 to get Wage Subsidy fund from government. After getting the fund , manager refused to give it to me. manger believes , fund is for employers. she asked me to work and get the money with no even extra 1 cent more. she asked me to leave by yourself. I said , This money is for me and you have to leave . Is she doing right thing ? I'm 3rd employee who is leaving this company in last 6 months. they have one law sue case open at this time. Please let me know what i can do .Thanks

It's not clear from your message if your pay has been reduced or whether you were put on a leave/lay-off. In order to provide you with legal advice we need clarification on the status of your employment and rate of pay and we need to review any requests made to you by the employer in writing. Please contact us at the number below to schedule a consult with our firm so that we can review your situation and the options available to you.
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