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I have worked for a company for 3 years and in that entire time I have only ever had a verbal warning regarding extended breaks which was corrected immediately following the verbal warning. Today they have “let me go” and said “we are not giving you a reason but we just don’t think you are a good fit. Are they allowed to do this to me?
They gave me termination papers and a $2200 severance but said if I don’t sign I will not get that money. What do I do here!!!!
I am a single mother of three and have to work 2 jobs just to cover everything and provide for my girls.

I am sorry that you lost your job. While reinstatement is not a realistic option, we may be able to negotiate a better package for you, which will assist you while you are looking for other work. Unfortunately, the company is allowed to let you go on a without-cause basis as long as they give you adequate notice or pay in lieu thereof. We can review the offer and your terms of employment to assess the value of your entitlements and make a recommendation for how to proceed. I encourage you to contact us at the number below to set up a free consultation with one of our lawyers.
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