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I work in a group home for about a year. They demand we get tested for COVID-19 monthly or we can’t co e in for work. They recently added cameras into the homes. I was fired last week because the6 said they saw I was not wearing my mask during my night shift at one point. I explained that the air conditioner was not working and the house was warm. They also said I was fired because I did not get up and check on the residents sleeping every 30 min, like w3 are supposed to but I logged in the book that I did. They are paying me up until July 24.

Hi there, and thank you for your question.

In the circumstances, it is quite possible that the company does not have just cause to terminate your employment. In turn, you could very well be entitled to an adequate severance package.

That said, we would require further information from you to make this assessment as you have only provided a very high-level overview of the circumstances leading up to your dismissal. Notably, you indicate that you were accused of logging your resident check-ins without performing them, but have not indicated whether or not this is in fact accurate.

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