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I work in Calgary AB. All people employed are on several different pay plus commission structures, though all do the same job. \in terms of pay equity, is this legal?

In short, yes these differences are legally permissible in Alberta except where there is pay discrimination on the basis of gender.

Unlike some other provinces, Alberta does not have pay equity legislation or and provisions requiring "equal pay for same or similar work" in its Employment Standards. That being said, there is protection pursuant to the Alberta Human Rights Act which prohibits pay discrimination on the grounds of gender.

Accordingly, there is no legal requirement that everyone be paid the same, nor is there any legal requirement that all employees in the same role are subject to the same commission plans.

On a practical level, there are many reasons for the differences in your organization. For example,

- Employment contracts are often amended over time to ensure compliance. Since employees are hired at different times, its likely that a number of different versions of the employment contract are active at the same time. If at your organization, the commission plan is dealt with in the initial employment agreement, the same would apply.
-Some employees may have negotiated the specific terms of the employment agreement prior to signing. Compensation terms such as vacation entitlements, salary and commission terms/metrics are frequently subject to negotiation in some industries. If some employees negotiated and others did not, then the specific terms of any two agreements could be different even if the employees were hired during the same period for the same job;
-Choosing the appropriate compensation plans for any specific employee could involve consideration of any number of factors including, but not limited to: seniority, credentials, experience, individual performance reviews, taking on extra duties, customer/client feedback, business development, difference in the product or service they are responsible for, historical metrics and attainment rates, the employee's territory, etc. If even a few of these factors are taken into account by the employer, it is highly unlikely that any two employees would have the same salary except (maybe) during the first year of their employment;
-If the commission plan changes yearly, the specific terms of each plan may rely on historical data, specific territory, performance, product, etc. Depending on the product or territory, there could be variable rates for different employees.
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