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Currently work 10 hr shift they want to change my breaks from 2-20min coffe paidand 30min lunch unpaid to 2-15 mins coffee paid and 30min lunch unpaid can they reduce my coffee break time?

We would have to review the specific of your contract of employment. Generally, in Ontario if your work for a provincially regulated employer, most employees are entitled to an uninterrupted 30-minute eating period after no more than five consecutive hours of work. An employer and employee may agree orally, electronically or in writing that the eating period will be split into two periods. If so, these two periods must total at least 30 minutes and both must be taken within every consecutive five-hour period.

Eating periods are unpaid unless the employee's employment contract requires payment. Whether the eating period is paid or not, the employee must be free from work during the 30 minutes.

The employment standards legislation does not require an employer to provide any breaks in addition to eating periods. However, if the employer does provide another type of a break, such as a coffee break, and the employee must remain at his or her workplace during the break, this time is considered to be working time under the employment standard legislation.
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