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Hi, I was an unionized employee who worked for almost 15 years at an annual salary of approx $56000. Was terminated with cause (wrongful dismissal) with NO severance pay at all (at my advanced age, and considering Covid as well, I guess I can easily be owed $70,000 - $110,000 in severance but they have given me $0!). I have heard that lawyers/law firms do not help unionized employees, however my question also includes this: Once I am ALREADY terminated, and therefore no longer working with the company, am I still DENIED a lawyer/law firm's assistance and do I have to depend only on the union? Thanks so much! Requesting that my query and reaching out to you be kept confidential, of course. Thanks again!

Yes, unfortunately your only recourse for a just caused termination in a unionized environment is to contact your union and grieve the termination. I would recommend that you immediately contact your Union Steward to assist you with the preparation of the grievance form.
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