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I was told that I was randomly chosen for a 60 day furlough. Not to long after I received a position elimination letter and it reads that the company does not have to legally pay me a severance but will do so under certain terms and conditions that I feel is completely wrong. I have applied for unemployment and have had no luck let alone no income since April 6th. I don’t know what I should do or what actions I should take. Prior to my furlough I was the only employee speaking up about the unsafe work conditions regarding PPE and was advised by other employees and staff that I should keep quiet as the sore thumb gets cut. I have both video and audio recording for what I can prove are numerous illegal situations ( working off the clock, speaking up about PPE, proving to management that non approved employees having access to my payroll/commission sheets etc..) I do not want to make this reading too long and not to short as to leave out any important details. To whom this may concern I appreciate your time in reading my request.

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