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I have been terminated without cause after 1.5 years in a clerical position. They have offered 4 weeks. I am female and will turn 70 in July of this year. I have tried to get help from my lawyer but he does not do this kind now I have run out of time because they are asking me to sign a letter and have it to them by Monday the 16th. I have emailed and asked for more time up to Friday the 20th, but have not received a reply. Do I just sign to at least get what they have offered?

Technically, if you dont sign the offer by the 20th then it would expire. However, in this scenario they still owe you 2 weeks (that is your minimum entitlement) and significantly more. Please use the following link to determine your entitlements upon termination ( and then contact us at the number below for a consult with a lawyer.
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