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I know i am being terminated after 1 year of working for a lawyer. I work alone daily, perform expected tasks only a lawyer should do. I have ALWAYS gone above and beyond for my absentee employer! I know now he is planning to let me go. He has never expressed any issue with my work or my extra hours to meet clients and work a Saturday or a Sunday to meet deadlines as long as it has suited his agenda. There really is not enough room here for the explanation.. however, if i can prove with MANY client statements that i am exceptional at my work and i am still let go without cause, is there a case for wrongful dismissal? I will say i am a real estate clerk (amongst many roles) and was signing up a transfer of title from a mother to daughter and the mother was clearly not of sound mind. I was uncomfortable with the mothers mental state as the daughter simply placed the mother hand upon her own hand and signed her mothers name of the transfer documents. I called my employer and expressed that the transfer should be done by POA and he directed me to essentially just go ahead with the daughter signing her mothers house over 5o her regardless. Now my job is in peril?

If your employer terminates your employment without just cause you are entitled to termination pay. To see your potential legal entitlements please check out our severance pay calculator (
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