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My supervisor has berated me, picked at me, belittled me and embarrassed me in-front of my coworkers for almost 2 years. A few months ago I went to my manager and the 3 of us ( manager, supervisor, myself) had a meeting. My manager was behind me 100%. My supervisor didn’t react well. Months later I’m still in the same situation but it’s worse. I I contacted my manager and the general manager via text and explained my situation. They talked about it for a day and offered me another position. I felt I needed to take the other position because I must work. I did that position for 2 days but I had made a doctors appointment prior to this decision by my general manager. . My doctor has me off work for minimal 4 weeks due to acute medical exacerbation.
My question is;
I’m off on medical leave because of the stress I have been undergoing at work. Should my employer be paying my wages while I am off? If they don’t I have to go on unemployment and receive half my wages.

There is no law that requires an employer to pay you for the 4 weeks of medical leave. Your entitlement to a paid medical leave will depend on the terms of any employment contract you signed and any benefit plan you are enrolled in (if any). If you are not entitled to a paid medical leave through either your contract or benefit provider, you will have to collect EI sickness benefits. If the harassment in your workplace continues, you may have grounds to file a constructive dismissal claim. You can contact our firm at the number below to learn more about your rights and legal recourse.
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