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I started with a new corporation who bought a practice I worked for about 2 years ago. I wss on mat leave at the time and went back to work after my 12 month leave. Previously I was at the practice for 7 years. I am now collecting CERB and my office is not reopening. What am I entitled to for severance and what are the circumstances when looking for constructive dismissal?

Thank you for your question. In general, a constructive dismissal occurs when an employer makes a significant change to a fundamental term or condition of your employment without your consent. In order to find out how much severance pay you could be entitled to receive upon termination, you can use our Severance Calculator (linked at the top of the page). If your employment has been terminated, you should contact us at the number below to discuss your termination entitlements in further detail and before you agree to anything being offered by your employer.
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