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I'm a sales manager/supervisor at a call centre and am a salary employee. When the government shutdown was ordered in March for Cov 19 I was told I needed to make calls from home like the sales agents or apply for EI. I have been making sales calls from home and now was informed Monday May 12 my Salary is being reduced to 80%. My question is 2 fold, 1) Did I have any other options with respect to the change in my job description? 2) Can my Salary be reduced?

Thank you for your question. Ideally, your employer should be making this change of duties and pay cut a temporary one, and offering the reduction as a “deferral” of income, rather than an actual cut. You should tell your employer that you will only agree to these changes for a very limited period of time, and as a one-off as a result of the exceptional circumstances. If the change is a permanent one, please contact us at the number below to discuss in more detail.
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