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While on my probation period (90 days).
I was told by another employee to do his job he tryed telling me he could tell me what to do that he was informed to do so by a person of higher authority. I refused and went back to my assigned dutys. I was then aproched by the same coworker asking " you dont listen do you?" i replyed that i do not have to liten to him and continued working he tryed telling me again that he was told to work here as i wasnt fast enough and this job needed to be done quickly. I told him unless a supervisor or someone who is authorized to tell me where to work ill stay where i am at. He tryed to pull aside the supervisor and i called him out on it. What is the problem you want me to do your work while your job and try and take over mine. The supervisor advised me that i could stay where i was. The co worker tryed to brush it off with stating that he was only trying to help. No complaint was file as far as i know. Since then i was stared down daily, while on his shift. Also my job production was picked apart and pointed out for deficiency. That were previously approved by my trainor and another co worker i was informed to ask for help if my trainor was not around. I was left out of some of the group things that my coworkers would do at end of the week. Eg . ordering food. I wasnt asked.

I brushed these things off .. I was given nothing but praise for the work i was putting out, that the minor issues fonud were nothing to worry about and to be expected. Found out that the issuse were due to lack of proper training. And wrong information. I was told by many that i was fitting in and get along with everyone. I was polite and worked hard and did what i was told. I asked a co worker if he would be ok with me asking him to train me. He agreed and before i git the chance i was fired for my work that i had no meetings or given any feed back on. And apparently there were complaints about me. But i was not given any information on them. Im not sure what to do..

It is very difficult for an employer to terminate you for just cause without any pay, and based on what you have outlined above, it is unlikely that the company would have grounds for just cause. However, an employer does have the ability to terminate you 'without cause', without even having to provide you with a reason, as long as you are paid your termination entitlements. In any event, you should contact the number below to speak with one of our employment lawyers so we can better assess your potential termination entitlements.
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