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I was offered a different role in the company as my current role is being eliminated. When I asked HR what happens if I declined this offered role and if I would be terminated with severance, HR's reply was vague and only repeated that my current role is being eliminated and that if I declined this role, then after I declined then I would get a letter with my options. They would not tell me the options now. The options may impact my decision of accepting or declining the alternative job offer. I contacted an employment lawyer to review my options and their first availability for a consultation is in 1-week, which I did book. What happens & what should I do, if my employer pressures me to decide before I can meet with the employment lawyer or before the employment lawyer can provide me with advice?

Thank you for your question. I would let them know that you cannot commit to any decision prior to reviewing it with legal counsel and that you are not declining any option until you receive advice.
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