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So I have been off due to covid19 on a leave with my children. I have contacted my employer about coming back to work and have been told my position has been replaced with a higher level manager. I was not giving notice of this before it happened. I have been told I have a job but not the one or one comparable to what I had. I will be paid the same but thats about it. What are my options here?

Based on what you have described, you may have an option to treat your employment as constructively dismissed and seek a severance package.

But before taking any action or making any decisions, it is strongly advised that you speak with an employment lawyer in a consultation. We recommend you contact us at the number below to arrange for that. You should do so as soon as possible or you may be deemed to have accepted the changes and lose any options you have otherwise had.

In this regard, please note that your entitlements expire two years after the date your cause of action arose (the limitation period).
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