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I’m about to go on maternity leave and my husband and I wanted to use the 5 weeks daddy days at the beginning along with my 15 weeks maternity benefits. Subsequent to that, we plan on me continuing until our baby is 10 months after which my husband would take over to complete the parental leave up to a year. So this would mean we share 5 weeks at the beginning, I continue until our baby turns 10 months and my husband takes over u yup she turn one. My husbands employer has refused to allow this arrangement saying he must take all his leave at the same time. We want to know if this employer has the ability to make us take the leave in the manner they specified.

For parental leave, once an employee has started parental leave, they must take it all at one time. An employee cannot use up part of the leave, return to work for the employer and then go back on parental leave for the unused portion.
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