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I have been laid off during the Covid 19 pandemic after almost 18 years of employment. Today my employer rudely advised me that my job description (terms of employment) will change drastically. There will be a partial demotion and preforming a job I physically can not do since I have doctor confirmed Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome and other issues with my employer. I was also told that I will also have reduced hours coming back. He told me to show up Monday if I still wanted my job and to call Sunday night. Can my employer legally do this and give me such a deadline and ultimatum? There is so much more involved but I need to know what I should do regarding this added pressure. Any advise you can give would be greatly appreciated.

If your employer unilaterally changes the fundamental terms of your employment agreement without your authorization and consent, this may amount to constructive dismissal. I would recommend a consult with our office to review the specifics of your matter, please contact our office to arrange a consultation.
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