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I've been at my job for 7 going on 8 years and since day one the other associates have not been following basic and vital heath and safety practices. for the past
many years I have always said these problems to ppl of
management, my bosses, coordinators, and regular
associates. these problems run from garbage being on the ground, metal clips on arms that "should" be taken off the arm completely ( if a metal clip falls, it can hurt and or kill). rugs are not hanging as soon as they come in, which leads to a pile of work for the future person. I have seen 9 recovery rugs in the back. all these problems have been going on for years and a few weeks ago after seeing 9 recovery rugs, clips on the arms I in a way hit my point and I raised my voice at my back room manager that I constantly have to deal with this and no one cares to comply with heath and safety and the previous associate giving me double work, after saying that he said I didn't work the weekend. after that my managers had a talk with me that day and said it's not me that should worry about rugs and they put me in the back room for 2 weeks. at which soon after I made a slite disagreement with my back manager about doing a art skid we didn't have space for art at the time and a fellow worker over heard me being a little loud in my tone about the subject but at the time when I raised my voice at my back room manger it was not the same tone. then 2 mangers in a way corner me I felt very panic, anxious, exasperated and ask me to step aside and talk and laura, the manager said you have to stop freaking out like this I replied I'm not. then we went to the office and broke down in tears because I'm being talk to for being to professional, asking questions that I "shouldn't" worry about certain things but over 80% of the time I "have to" worry about l these things. after that meeting I went home and they said, "Take a few days off, then my manager Laure called me and said paperwork for your doctor is coming and get him to sign off on that. after giving my doctor the papper work he said "no" to the 3 questions that this is not in any way Medical. I had to sign this paper disclosing my medical records to my boss when this is not a medical matter so I didn't sign anything. Now I need a direction on what I should/could do what are my rights/severance pay?

If there are safety violations in the workplace that your employer refuses to address then you should contact the Ministry of Labour and ask them to conduct an investigation.
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