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My husband worked at an auto dealership selling new cars for 19 months. His job was 100% commission. One month before he was let go he was asked to sign a document stating that if he did not sell a certain number of cars in March he would be let go. Unfortunately he signed it and he was let go two weeks ago. In 2017 he made $42,000. He has numerous 5 star Google reviews from customers and he was presented more than once as exemplary salesman to the sales team especially for selling extra features, warranties, etc. and high profit per sale. He is turning 60 in July so finding a new job could be hard. He is still waiting for the final paperwork. He received a bank deposit which seems about $5,000 higher than what he should have earned so it may include some severance but I think he should get 3-6 months severance based on

Your husband is entitled to 3-6 months’ severance provided that he did not sign a valid contract that limits his termination entitlements. Please call us and we will assess that for you.
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