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I am a government municipal employee ... administrative assistant. My work location is limited access and I am being forced to work from home even though the nature of my work requires me to be at the workplace. I have asked for a suitable laptop and phone, but was denied. My rural explorer internet access is overloaded, so i cannot zoom or do some types of work because of the internet. My employer has even supplied a rogers stick, but it is no better than my explorer service. I have asked if I could go into the office to do some productive work, but have been denied. My employer is now asking for a daily work report as to what I am doing when working from home. My employer knows fully well that I am having difficulty working from home and are also not allowing me to come the office. This is causing major stress in my life as I am constantly being harassed by my boss asking what I am doing. I am getting physically sick because of this harassment. What am I to do and what are my options. I am not a lazy take advantage type person and I am really getting upset.
Do I charge my employer with harassment or go on sick leave or what ?.. Help

Hello, thank you for your question and for contacting our firm. Your employer should provide you with the equipment you need to work from home if they will not allow you to work in the office. You should indicate what you need specifically in order to be successful in your work from home. However, if you feel that you are not capable to work due to a medical condition, you can provide a doctor's note stating that you are not able to work. You may contact me directly at with any further questions.
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