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My employer has withdrawn health solutions benefits since January 1, 2023. Do I have any recourse on this?


when an employer makes changes to your working arrangements, you would only have recourse through the courts if the changes are substantial in that they show that the employer no longer wishes to be bound by the employment contract with you. In such a case, you could claim that you have been constructively dismissed, quit your job, and require your employer to pay you severance.

Whether a change to your benefits amounts to a serious change to your working arrangement depends on several factors, most important of which would be how much you use the benefits. For instance, if you will now be forced to pay hundreds of dollars a month for prescription medication, this might amount to a substantial change.

If this is the case, then the first question you must ask yourself is whether you are willing to leave your job over this issue. If you are, then you may be able to claim that you have been constructively dismissed and are entitled to your full severance. Visit to find out how much severance you are entitled to.


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