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Does a employer have the right to lock you in a position and not allow you to be transfersed to other jobs or department and location unless you give up all your accommodations that your doctor has notified to the employer. Eg want to move from one location to another but same job but held in location for years do to accommodations that need to be given in order not to flare condition of disability. I have now notified the employer that I am willing to give up all accommodations in order to move to another location. Which I now have done because the union wouldn’t help me and said go to the human rights commission. I have been there now just over a month and now have problems flaring up and worried. Do I have grounds to sue my employer for discrimination due to my disability.Please do no not use my name or the identifying email.As I will be terminated from my job if they got wind of me getting some advice. Also, could you send me your phone number so I could call. Thank you Ross Copas. Ps. If I have the wrong department for this type of question or area for information Could you please let me know who I can contact? My email is

Please call us at 1-855-821-5900 to book a consultation. You are unionized, which means that the legal recourse available to you outside the union is limited. This will be discussed further during your consultation.
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