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I have been employed by Volunteer Canada in Ottawa since June 1, 2015 as the Office & I.T. Administrator. On September 2017 I went on L.T.D under my Manulife Group benefits plan for Rheumatoid Arthritis. After 2 years I was approved for CPP disability benefits. Currently the disability payments are shared by Manulife $835.71 and CPP $1339.76. I issued 24 Postdated cheques to V.C. to cover our portion of the family premium which should be renewed September 1, 2019. New cheques have not been issued as VC have not provided the upcoming premium amount.

Today I received an email from the C.E.O. Paula Speevak, advising that they are retaining legal council to define my status as an employee.
These are my questions to determine whether I require legal counsel :
1) Can they dismiss or fire me?
2) Am I entitled to compensation
3) How does this affect my LTD with Manulife and or CPP?
4) How does it affect my Family Insurance coverage?
5) Would my CPP payments increase if Manulife cancels my coverage?

My status is currently long term but not permanent as I am still under care, guidance and evaluation of Dr. Bin Liu, Rheumatologist .

Anne Hamelin

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