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I was employed part time since September 2018 working every Saturday. approximately 3 weeks ago I found documentation of my termination. Management insisted that this was not true and though changes were happening in the work place I was told that my hours would not change but I would be moving locations. last week I received a text message from the regional manager advising me that I was being a "snooty little brat" not sure why... I was then told that I would no longer be working Saturdays (without any type of notice) and that I would soon to be starting at the new location. this morning I received a text message from the regional manager advising that I was terminated as of yesterday and that my vacation pay would be held until I sign a termination letter... I would like to further discuss this and ask a few questions as I am wondering what if any rights I have in this situation

Thank you for your question.

It sounds like you have been terminated without cause and this could be a wrongful dismissal. Also, it is illegal under the Employment Standards Act to withhold vacation pay.

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