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I have been employed with my employer for nearly 34 years! The company I work employs about 12 employees, 4 work in the office, 7 work in the factory plus our mechanic. 3 of us in the factory stay on all year and the other 4 get laid off in January! They are usually called back mid March! So my question is because of the Covid virus, and we are all entitled to nearly 6 weeks holidays can my employer legally take all our holidays away from us? The women in the office still get theirs!

If you are entitled to 6 weeks paid vacation pursuant to your contract, your employer cannot unilaterally remove that benefit as a term of your employment. COVID circumstances, while challenging for employees, don’t allow them to make significant changes to your vacation entitlements even though they have been permitted to make temporary changes to hours, wages and scheduling during this period. Please book a consult with one of our lawyers to discuss your matter further if your employer has indicated you will not be entitled to vacation this year, or if you have further questions.
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