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I am/ was employed with a company y for a month shy of 3 years and due to Covid, was temporarily Laid off on March 18, 2020. My benefits were terminated immediately and we are now well past 13 weeks. It is my understanding that my lay-off is now considered Lee I met and that I am owed severance. I applied for EI on March 18 when I was laid off and have been receiving CERB ever since. I have a 2 part question:
A- am I owed severance now?
B-how will severance affect my Ei? Can I still collect after laying back what I was paid (once I receive severance)

You may be able to treat the layoff as a termination depending on the terms of your employer so please contact us to book a consultation with our legal team. We will review your situation closely and advise on the course of action that suits your situation the best.

The general rule is that the CERB payments are separate and don't interfere with any severance you may receive, whereas if you receive regular EI benefits, you will have to pay them back from the severance.
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