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I was let go by an email that read: " Moving forward, we no longer require your services. Thank you for doing a great job." I provided janitorial/office cleaning to an oilfield safety service company. My stepdaughter helped me get the cleaning contract as she is their HR/Safety Officer. Her father and I were legally separated but shared living space as room mates only since Dec 2018. I ended the room mate situation in early Dec 2023 and received the termination email shortly after that.
I was employed for 5+ years without receiving even one complaint. This company was my sole client. I think this makes me a dependent contractor, but am not sure. I have had no further contact from the company or my stepdaughter. She was not my supervisor, the Station Manager was and he was who sent me the termination email. I still haven't sent them my final invoice as I'm still reeling from the shock. Seeing your show on TV has given me a glimmer of hope, that perhaps I can do something about this situation.
Please let me know if you can help me.
Thank you.

We may be able to assist you in recovering severance/termination pay, depending on the terms in the written contract and the other circumstances of the work arrangement you had with the company. I recommend you contact us at the number below to book an appointment with one of our lawyers.
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