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Due to announcement late October 2020, I was advised that my full-time salary position was terminated as of December 4, 2020 and I received a severance based on my 14 months of employment.

In February 2021, they called me back under CONTRACT (February to end of May).
I am paid hourly: 40 hours/week
No Benefits

In March, they revised my Contract (to add an additional month – to end June 30, 2021) with a Lump Sum retention bonus of $10,000

Now the company is realizing that they need to continue production UNTIL another plant is ready to take over; therefore, I received a notification letter in April, indicating their intentions to run another month – until July 31, 2021.

Questions are:

1. What can I expect for a retention bonus for EACH additional month employer needs to keep running? They set the bar at $10k for JUNE.

2. Should I be entitled for some PAID Personal Time Off? As I am working from February UNTIL end of contract with NO time off.

I appreciate any guidance you can provide

Thank you for contacting us with your employment issue. To understand your bonus entitlement, we need to review your employment documents and any terms included about the how the bonus is paid. There is legislation in each Province regarding paid time off depending on the circumstances required for time away from work. To provide you some answers on these issues, it would be best if you contacted our office for a consultation and sent us your employment documents so we could review and speak with you about these details.
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