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I am currently on doctor approved sick leave for 4 weeks, ending on Thursday. I have a reassessment with my doctor scheduled for Monday. My employer has provided me with a non WSIB functional abilities form to be filled out by my doctor - which they claim will support my return to work. The form asks for confidential medical information such as diagnosis, treatment plan, medication. We only have LTD plan and not STD. As such, the information on the form will be going directly to my employer and not a 3rd party provider. Because I am part of the HR team, my boss and the boss of my boss will have access to the form. Am I obliged to provide the information? How can I refuse politely without damaging relationships? Thank you!

you are not obligated to provide any information related to your diagnosis, nor is this necessary as part of a return to work. if the form requests this information then you can leave it blank and advise them that you are not comfortable sharing diagnosis info and it is not necessary.
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