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Hi there, I am a contract employee (part time) and have been working with my employer for almost two years (4 contracts). I was informed that due to Covid, the employer may be making cuts. My current contract ends in August 2020. My contract sstates: "Unless specifically renewed, extended or replaced in writing by the College, this contract and your employment shall be wholly and automatically terminated without further notice to you or obligation from the College on August 30th 2020.

You may terminate your employment with the College at any time during the term of the contract by providing two (2) weeks’ written notice of resignation.

The College may terminate your employment at any time for cause without notice or payment in lieu of notice."

Does this mean that if they attempt to end the contract early, that they would have to pay out the remainder of the contract or provide some sort of severance pay?
If you can provide some clarity that would be greatly appreciated! I can also provide additional information if needed.

Thank you for writing to us. If the College ends the contract early you would likely be entitled to the balance of the contract. More importantly if at the end of the contract (or before the end of the contract) the College ends your employment, you would be entitled to severance. To get a sense of what you would be owed, I encourage you to visit the severance pay calculator that our firm has developed ( I would also encourage you to contact us and book a consultation with one of our employment lawyers who will fully review your matter with you.
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