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My boss (who is also VP of HR) just told me on Friday that as of 2024 there will nop longer be budget for my role and I will be let go. She said I would get a package. She also asked me to think about what end date I would like. It could be tomorrow, next week, 2 weeks, end of the year, or even come back for the first week or two of January.

My question: is that a normal thing for HR to do? To allow you to pick your own end date? I haven't responded yet, and feel like it is some sort of weird trap. Like if I say a date they'll say IU chose to quit or something.


I cannot comment on whether this is normal or not, but to protect yourself, you should require your boss to give you a termination letter and ask that it states that you were terminated without cause. At the very least, ask your boss to confirm in writing that they are planning to terminate you. Once you have that confirmation, you can discuss when your last day should be.


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