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I was asked to clock out at 11 or earlier on all of my shifts but still finish all of the work my employer had told me to stay late but clock out early yet still try to leave as early as possible. After research it appears to me that it is illegal for an employee to agree to work without pay. Amongst this I was also terminated at exactly 3 months but given no notice, In addition to recently receiving a last paycheck that they didn’t even pay me the full duration I was clocked in, only what they had scheduled me even though I was also required to perform tasks that were supposed to be finished by the opening employee resulting in me being forced to stay late on the day before my exam. I am only 17 so I don’t understand why the extra $13 an hour were such an issue but I can understand why they saw me as an easy target to save some cash. Nonetheless I’m Unsure of what to do as my employers have not been very helpful with this and I’m wondering if there’s any actions I can’t take from here.

Your best option in this situation is to file a complaint with the Ministry of Labour.
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