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After 6 months of being employed my employer has come to all 15 of his employee's and told us we are responsible for 6 months of medical benefits that we not being deducted from our paycheque? When initially hired 6 months ago I was aware that their was a medical plan and at the beginning of being hired the company paid for our medical expenses directly of the their own pocket. I was hired at the very beginning of this transition. Now the employer want me/us to pay $1,400 out of the next 3 pay cheques. Of course I can't afford to this, but what choice do I have especially if I want to be keeping my job? Thank you for your help!

Thank you for your question. If it was your understanding at the time of hire that the employer would be paying 100% of the cost, then they should not be asking you for reimbursement. If instead, this was an honest mistake on the part of the employer, then they would have the right to recover your portion of the benefits premiums. Your employer should have also provided reasonable notice of this change to your benefits costs. At the very least, you should be able to work out a more reasonable reimbursement plan, if you cannot afford what they are proposing.
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